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The fuel that drives the engine of any B2B organization is good lead data.  Being in the generation business, we know that companies who claim to provide the best leads are a dime-a-dozen.  Whether you get them through a company that uses artificial intelligence, content engine, or ABM; the only thing that matters is that you are getting the best possible leads.  We all know how we measure good leads, by conversion, accuracy, information provided and so on.  But there are a few attributes that often go unnoticed and under analyzed, and here are three of them:

  • Marketing and sales alignment

Successful companies rely on strong marketing and sales teams, especially in the B2B landscape.  These two departments are responsible for pushing up leads and revenue for the company.  However, the two often work on their own accord causing a rift.  This might hurt the chances of acquiring the best data, so the two teams must be in sync.  If each side is working together, they will be able to share knowledge for the most effective results.  This will only increase the chances of landing a client

  • Conversion

Conversion is obviously a necessary metric when looking at your sales team performance.  But it is also very telling about the leads themselves.  Poor leads will not convert well, but this does not mean that you need more, it means that you need better quality.  Good lead data will provide your organization with more leads that are in the later stage of the funnel. Having these types of leads will inherently increase your conversion.

  • Opportunities

As mentioned previously, the more leads you have does not mean you will necessarily do better.  It is more important to have high quality leads.  But if you find a strong lead generation service, they will be able to give you an output that incorporates both.  This combination of volume and quality will only create more opportunities for your sales team to reach and exceed their goals.


Finding the best lead data is a tricky and potentially expensive game; but the cost can be worth it.  The better the leads, the more unified group the company has, all while seeing higher conversion rates through better opportunities.


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David Stauffer
Business Development and Strategy
Bilin Technology




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