Is Your ABM Falling Short?

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Account-based marketing (ABM) is an interesting business.  Made to place your creatives in front of target companies in-real time, all over the web; filling up the sales funnel with more specific contacts.  Essentially, stalking potential accounts on the open internet to pounce on them with customized ads.  Okay, maybe it’s not that exhilarating, but it’s that effective; or is it?  A lot of times, company’s ABM efforts can be wasted without them even knowing.  They could have spent a lot of time and effort making beautiful creatives, but they aren’t getting put in front of the right people on the right web pages.  ABM is an essential investment for organizations to fill up their sales funnel with the accounts that are most important to them; so, it’s critical to make sure you are having the most effective experience possible.

Our ABM insight tracker allows you to correct any inefficiencies within your current platform by discovering the shortcomings of your ABM reach.  We take some inputs from you and implement pixels to analyze billions of data points, daily.  This enables us to find behavioral trends within a vast array of content, specific to your target accounts.  From here, we can score different content on material that is important to you.  This will effectively enhance your ad-placment and strengthen your target lists, with the goal to increase your ABM ROI.

Bilin ABM Analytics- The benefits:

  1. Customization

Having a better understanding of where your ads will be placed helps create a better customer experience.  This generates opportunity for your marketing team to customize and personalize each creative’s message a bit more.  Connecting more with potential customers can make all the difference in the sales process; they are more accustomed to your message and feel more comfortable talking about it.

  1. Efficiency

The use of ABM can be a large investment of time and capital, so you want to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.  Having your creatives show up on non-important sites is not effective use of this.  Streamlining the ABM process to where your ads show up on the most effective pages in front of your target accounts makes the whole operation more efficient.  Your creatives are more direct, which should lead to more engagement.

  1. Engagement

Creating engagement is the most important aspect of ABM.  You don’t only want individuals to view your creative, but you want them to click through to your website or other platforms.  The more touchpoints you create, they more likely they are to convert into a customer.  These engagements are more probable to happen when your ad appears next to relevant content to your offerings and/or the target company itself.

Our ABM enabler gives your organization the opportunity to apply these benefits to your existing ABM program.  Our goal is to help you build a more effective strategy when organizing your lead generation efforts, and giving you the tools to do so.

If you want to know more about our ABM solutions, a long with our lead gen capabilities, reach out!

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