Why It’s Important
to See the Big Picture

With more B2B companies utilizing online sources to research new purchases, Marketing departments play an increasingly vital role in telling a company’s story. The question for marketers becomes, how are they making sure their messaging is influencing the buying habits of prospective clients when the clients are doing their research, and how can they ensure they are delivering the right message at the right stage of the buying process?

Adding to the complexities of the marketing equation are the purchasing habits of prospects. Companies of all sizes have created processes to evaluate products and services hoping to ensure they are purchasing the best fit for their needs. These processes lead companies to create formal or informal, Buying Groups, which conduct research, make recommendations, and engage vendors. While this can add additional steps and complexity to the buying cycle, the digital content consumption trail, or crumbs of data, these groups leave behind can help marketers identify prospects when they are in an active research phase. We call the trend in data consumption left by these Buying Groups a Buying Window.

Timing Is Everything

Buying Windows, are the time's companies are actively looking for your product or services. Most marketers and marketing strategies have a limited view of this process, relying on individuals or companies to raise their hand through clicks, downloads, and form fills as an indicator of interest and buying intent.

Unfortunately, those limited actions as stand-alone events don’t provide the type of organizational insights to drive sales forward. At best, in a complex sale, these actions represent single data points that only tell part of the story. Without new methods of measuring buying intent, how do we uncover all the pieces indicate a buying window, put them together, and predict opportunities?

Why You Should Focus on Identifying and Targeting Buying Windows

By applying Predictive Analytic methods powered by advanced A.I. and Social Media Content Engines, we can reconstruct the research phase of a company’s buying journey. Transforming data into intelligence gives us the ability to predict the buying windows of all the companies in your target market.

Knowing who's looking for you, allows us to provide you with a targeted list of prospects. This list is the actionable data that your teams can use to target the right companies, at the right time, and through the right prospects. When you know your market, you can maximize resources, create predictable pipelines, and drive revenue growth.

How We Customize
a Solution for Your Business

Each of our clients has a unique set of challenges, goals, and value propositions. Knowing this, we customize each campaign and source custom leads in real time to meet their individual goals. We work with you to formulate strategies to maximize the impact predictive analytics has on increasing your conversions and revenue.

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