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Bilin Technology is a Boston-based technology start up in data analytics and lead generation. Founded in 2013 by a few Harvard Business School alums and PhDs, the company is fast growing and has a product-oriented culture. With operations in the U.S. and China, Bilin has built proprietary AI technology using advanced machine learning tools such as NLP to process billions of data points daily. We operate globally on cloud and serve many big name US multi-national technology companies.

At Bilin, we believe that in competitive environments it's vital that you give your sales and marketing teams every advantage. We are on a mission to transform data into intelligence using predictive analytics powered by AI, which you can use to fuel revenue growth.

We have built our company to function as an extension of your team, and we are ready to show you how that approach can impact your Sales and Marketing strategies.

AI is the future! Let us show the way.

Introducing Engagio’s All New ABM Market Map

ABM Market Leaders by Engagio

Bilin has made Engagio's list of ABM marketing leaders, 3rd Party Intent Category.

Our intent insights will allow your company to target an ABM strategy towards organizations that are actively looking for your products and services.  Find more clients and do it faster with insights powered by Bilin.


Data Scientist


Boston, US

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success

Boston, US

Content Marketing Manager

Sales and Marketing

Boston, US

Business Development Representative

Sales and Marketing

Boston, US

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