Make Intent Data

Stack-rank your highest value prospects and accelerate pipeline conversion with Bilin's custom intent data.  Precision sell with precise data on high value prospects in their buying window.


Bilin delivers contact-level data on high value prospects in their buying window
so your sales and marketing teams can meet and exceed their sales goals.

We analyze billions of individual events to predict trends and purchasing intent, giving you insight into the identity of high value prospects while they are active in their buying windows.

FOCUS Your Sales And Marketing Team On The Right Accounts So They Can Meet Their Goals

Start with the Right Target

Bilin transforms your keyword list of search terms into contact-level intelligence using predictive analytics and allows you to see who’s looking for your services and solutions.

Reach out at the right time

Bilin tracks the digital activities of your prospects to detect their research trends and predict their buying intent, enabling you to reach out the right people at the right time.

Deliver Focused Messages

With Bilin you know when specific prospects are ACTIVE in their buying journey and topics of interests, so you can reach out with customized messages to activate prospects at different stages to drive engagement and conversions.

What Our Customers Say About Bilin

Incredible organizations from startups to fortune 500 companys trust Bilin

and start PRECISION CALLING with Bilin

With Bilin stack-ranked intent data, you can take the guesswork OUT and your conversion rates UP.