Why Bilin?

Based on big data and deep learning technology, the Bilin platform brings true innovation to B2B predictive marketing.

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Programmatic ABM

Pre-Target and reach decision makers at precise time, location and at scale.

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Customized Intent Data

Defined by keywords, Bilin generates dynamic target lists in real time and with full transparency.

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Analytics & Reporting

Connects all data for full funnel analytics from ad campaigns to purchasing.

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Global Scale

Seven datacenters, 20+ languages, nearly 100 countries.

What Makes Bilin Unique?

We build our proprietary platform completely in house using most advanced machine learning technologies. Our platform engages millions of B2B professionals and deliver highly targeted ads to the most desired audience. Through analyzing content consumption of prospects across the Internet and then use deep learning technology to identify patterns and correlate millions of events to determine prospect’s purchase intent.

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Customers we have served

Campaign Management System (CMS)
provides everything you need to run successful ABM campaigns at scale

  • Automatically generate a list of targeted accounts
  • Engage targeted accounts through multiple communication channels
  • Identify and target directly at decision makers
  • Feed campaign results to market automation and CRM systems
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Discover and reach your prospects long before the competition

Today Bilin is helping hundreds of B2B clients, including many Fortune 500 companies,
pre targeting their customers in North & South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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