Programmatic ABM

The advantage of working with Bilin is that we don’t simply score your prospects, we take actions, accountable actions.

With patent pending technology, Bilin has developed its proprietary bidder and programmatic buying platform which are connected to major exchanges across the global. Compared to many standard platforms on the market today, Bilin Campaign Management System (Bilin CMS) is the only one that is specifically built for B2B marketers.

B2B marketing requires unique capability to target the right companies, or the right people, at the right time. Bilin CMS is an omni-channel platform designed with superfine targeting capability that helps you engage decision makers like CMO, CTO, VP Marketing or IT people during their purchasing process. Our platform has been proven to significantly influence your prospects to choose your products.

Customized Intent Data

Your customers are on the cloud searching the Internet, so are we.

Bilin Content Engine monitors content that is consumed during your prospects pre-buying Internet research, uses AI and deep learning technologies to identify patterns and correlate millions of events to determine your prospect’s buying intention.

Output can be lead scoring that feeds to your market automation and CRM systems. Or let Bilin CMS do the work for you: connect you to potential buyers while they are doing their pre-buying research. We call it ‘Pre-Targeting’ – target a prospect before they contact potential suppliers, ahead of competition.

Analytics and Reporting

Business intelligence comes from knowledge about your customers. The Bilin Analytics and Reporting platform provides you the following:

Customer Insight

The difference between 2C and 2B marketing is that you are targeting prospects at company level. Bilin processes billions of data points everyday, connects normally separate data from digital advertising, website activity, social networking and etc. to form an integrated view of your prospects with lead scoring.

Media Insight

Drill down into every detail of your current and past campaigns to understand your prospect’s content consumption pattern during pre-buying Internet research, giving you insight to optimize future media performance.

Campaign Insight

Summary of all your campaign activities as well as drilldown into every detail of a campaign.

Global Scale

Global scale, local touch.

Our platform runs on the cloud and operates from seven datacenters across the global in NA, LATAM, EMEA and APAC. We support more than 20 languages and have intent data for nearly 100 countries.